IAAF Regional Development Centre Moscow

IAAF CECS Level II Lecturers Course

            IAAF CECS Level II Lecturers Course has been in held in Cologne  in the  German Sport University (DSHS) from August 30th till September 3rd, 2014.  The Course has been attended by 17 participants, including 2 women, from 12 countries: BEL, CZE,  ESP, GER (2), GRE, FIN, ISL (2), MLT (3),  POL, POR, RUS, SLO (2).

Mr. Gunther Lange (GER), Senior Manager of IAAF Development and Member Relations Department, and Dr. Wolfgang Ritzdorf (GER), Senior IAAF Lecturer,  fulfilled their duties as  Course Moderators. 


New program, which has been elaborated by IAAF for this particular Course, has been fully completed. Participants of the Course had to conduct two practical and one theoretical presentation as well as to sit for a written exam.

Ten participants have obtained status of IAAF Lecturer Level II and the right to become moderators of Level II Courses in English language. Among them are Vladimir Hojka (CZE), Bostjan Bradeshko and Robi Kreft (both SLO), Caroline Kraas and Oliver Scheer (both GER),  Alberto Moreno Borges (ISL), Dimitrios Damaskinos (GRE), Frederic Xhonneux (BEL), Genz Dapi and Maio Bonello (both MLT). Five participants have received status of moderator assistant.

Participants have received all materials relevant to this program in the electronic format.

Both Lecturers and Director of the IAAF Regional Development Centre have expressed their view that IAAF should be requested to include two similar Courses in Russian and in English languages in the program for 2015.