IAAF Regional Development Centre Moscow

SEMINAR “YOUTH ATHLETICS”, Minsk, 4-6/12/2015

Youth Athletics Seminar  was organized in Minsk, Belarus, on December 4-6, 2015. Theoretical sessions were held in the Conference hall of the National Olympic Committee, while practical sessions were held in the indoor training facility of the Belarus State University for Sports and Tourism. Twenty one (21) participant from 15 countries attended this Seminar: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus (4), Bulgaria, Georgia, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania (2), Russia (2), Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine (2), Uzbekistan.

            The following presentations have been delivered in the course of theoretical sessions on December 4 & 5:

- “Long term training and competition activity of the top athletes of the world”

Lecturer: Vadim Zelichenok, Russia, IAAF Moscow Regional Development Centre

- “Modern tendencies in the development of the world athletics”, “Long term building up of the training process”, “Characteristics of the IAAF CECS program”

Lecturer: Prof. Vitaly Cherkashin

- “Long term preparation of jumpers. Coaching experience”, “Technical aspects of preparation of high jumpers”

Lecturer: Evgeny Zagorulko

- “New WADA Code and modern fight against doping”

Lecturer: Alexandr Vandakhlo, NADA of Belarus

- “Long term preparation of Maria Arzamasova, World and European Champion”,

Lecturer: Ms Natalia Dukhnova, Belarus

            All presentations could be downloaded from the IAAF Moscow RDC Dropbox.

Mr. Jean Gracia, Vice – President of European Athletics, and Vadim Deviatovskiy, President of Athletic Federation of Belarus, addressed participants in their welcome speeches.

On December 6, 2015 Alexandr But – Husaim, IAAF Lecturer Level I, organized a KIDS Athletics competition for children 9-10 years old. This competition was followed by a discussion on principles of primary selection and retaining of children in athletics.

Evgeny Zagorulko organized a Master Class with young high jumpers, while Ms Natalia Dukhnova organized a circuit training with her athletes.

Participants received all presentations in the electronic format and a sufficient amount of the documents, translated by the IAAF Moscow RDC.

This Seminar was held on a high organizational level thanks to the support of the Ministry of Sports and Tourism, National Olympic Committee of Belarus, University for Sports and Physical Education of Belarus.


Presentation and material of the Seminar could be downloaded by the LINK